Markus’ diary: more code to crack

The police in Peru have scanned in another page from Markus’ diary - looks like more of that code. It’s way over my head. So um… over to you! Thanks : )



  1. Claire Tillyer Says:

    Hi Rachel,
    The translation reads:
    Met A L I S Met P R P T A I F G Stop E I G H T Y P C T L I K E L Y Stop A N D C E L L L I N E A L Met G S T C E R T A I N L Y S T G L E N Stop P R G S P E C T G R Met A Y F E Met D L H A Met Stop N E E D F I R Met L I N K T G D W A N D P Stop

    I shall have a look at it some more and try and try to make some sense of it.

  2. Claire Tillyer Says:

    OK so far I have:
    M A L I S M P R P T A I F O Stop (not sure about that bit yet)
    E I G H T Y
    P C T (?%)
    L I K E L Y
    A N D
    C E L L
    L I N E
    A L M O S T
    C E R T A I N L Y
    S T O L E N
    P R O S P E C T O R
    M A Y
    B E
    M A L H A M
    N E E D
    F I R M
    L I N K
    T O
    D W A N D P Stop (again not sure about that last bit)

    will keep trying to make something of the bits I haven’t got yet :-)

  3. Claire Tillyer Says:

    Ahh the last bit reads (firm link to) Duncan Woodburn and Prometha (DW AND P)

  4. Kirsty Says:

    Ah someone beat me to it!

    Well, the first bit (using the subsitutions P->U, G->O and F->B


    Murutaibo being the Peruvian tribe hit by measles. And MAL is the cell line that Prometha are researching - worth $3bn.

  5. Claire Tillyer Says:

    Hooray! Go Kirsty. That first bit was driving me absolutely crackers!

  6. Thomas K Says:

    And now, via, Blackmoor’s website, we do indeed have a firm link between Malham and DW/Prometha.

  7. rachel Says:

    *blown away* This is just brilliant. Thanks so much guys. Now if we can just get proof that Malham/DW/Prometha are the bad guys, i reckon we’re there.


    Any ideas??

  8. Lucy Says:

    Yay!I got the almost bit too and worked out the last bit too late. Beat me to it as well.
    This is so great!
    Hope we get that evidence soon.

  9. Claire Tillyer Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Using the DNA to match the cells seems to be the way forward according to Matt. If you know the samples are from the same person then you could just use the sgm+ alleles to give you a profile. If not then maybe look at some different STR loci, perhaps the ones they use for geographical ancestry studies? As far as I can see that’s the only way to prove it conclusively. As an alternative you could do the whole “paper trail” thing to prove it. Although as I said to him I think it could be very risky and\or illegal.
    Slowly slowly catchy monkey.
    Be very careful ok?

  10. RachCon One » Blog Archive » Kirsty Fish = my new, new bezzie Says:

    [...] MAL IS MURUTAIBO. Murutaibo being the Peruvian tribe hit by measles. And MAL is the cell line that P… [...]

  11. rachel Says:

    Claire (uh, sorry, Tilly :) - those ancestry studies are like the stuff Katherine had done in the Routes videos, right?

    I think we can do it, but I need your help persuading DEPAA to help us: check my new post.

  12. Claire Tillyer Says:

    :-) Claire doesn’t suit me to be honest and other than my surname I was originally nicknamed Tilly after the little rag doll from Tots TV.
    It’s roughly the same idea, yes.

    If you’re interested :-)


  13. humza khan Says:

    there is also a possibilty that this is not a code but a record of a DNA structure as DNA is made up of 4 bases; Thymine(T),Cytosine(C),Guanine(G)and Adenine(A). these four bases are grouped into three, each group coding for an amino acid e.g. ccg aat ccc tta gga ttt, similar to the witing in Markus’ diary.

    hope this helps

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